HomeSet is the latest product innovation from URC, the renowned brand that’s proven in millions of homes every day worldwide. URC has been setting the standard for simple, powerful controls for more than 25 years, so you can be assured HomeSet will deliver upon its promise.

With over 100 million remotes sold in the past ten years alone, URC is the leading supplier of controls and smart home automation systems to consumers, broadcast cable providers, custom professionals and global brands such as LG, DIRECTV, Samsung, Mitsubishi and countless others.

HomeSet leverages decades of URC experience in the A/V entertainment control and smart home arenas, and has been specifically designed for homeowners seeking security solutions that encompass today’s most popular features. Like all URC products, HomeSet is installed by a network of trained security or home technology professionals to ensure your satisfaction. If you’re buying a control product that’s intended to last far into the future, make sure you buy if from a company that has a long, distinguished history. In the entertainment and smart home world—that’s URC.

  • HomeSet is backed by proven, trusted brand: URC
  • URC has set the standard for simple, powerful control for over 25 years
  • URC has supplied more than 100 million remotes in the past 10 years alone
  • URC delivers solutions that span every control market, from subscription broadcast to home and commercial automation
  • URC is consistently ranked the #1 brand in custom remotes and tablets for home control
  • URC leads the custom market in awards for training, ensuring URC installation success and customer satisfaction
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