Every morning is a good one – and more relaxed.

Ah… now that you’ve got HomeSet, you’ll wake up knowing your family and home is secure. But there’s more. As you climb out of bed, the temperature warms up to your liking, the lights come on, and your favorite weather radio station kicks in softly to start the day off right. Later, as you hop in the car to head to work, press an “Away” button on your mobile phone to instantly turn off house lights and lock the doors all at once.

At peace throughout the day.

You’re at work, miles from home, when a nagging question pops into your head. You suddenly wonder if you shut the garage door! With HomeSet, check on the driveway surveillance cameras and breathe a sigh of relieve as you see all at home is buttoned up. Receive alerts when the kids arrive home and check to see the nanny showed up on time. A new kind of security and peace of mind is in your hands, weather you’re across the room or across town.

Everything entertainment in the evening.

You arrive home Friday night ready to relax with friends coming over for dinner and a movie. Thankfully, with HomeSet, it’s one press on your mobile device to turn on the TV, fire up the Blu-ray and dim the living room lights to start the show. Deliver it into one room or several, it’s up to you. Forever fun and newfound convenience is at your fingertips—and all part of your HomeSet home.

Good night, you’ll sleep tight.

Time for the family to rest up for a big weekend. Fortunately, HomeSet extends both inside and outside your interior walls. With a touch on your bedside remote, all inside house lights turn off except the hall pathway to the bathroom. Outside patio and pool lights pop on, all your doors lock and the security system arms for the night. Safe and secure with HomeSet, you’re sure to rest better than ever before.

With HomeSet, security, fun and convenience are at your command in an economical way. These are just some of the many ways HomeSet can enhance your home and lifestyle.

To learn more, visit our How to Buy page to speak with a HomeSet specialist today.

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