See Everything at Home—From Anywhere You Are.

With HomeSet, you’ll gain superhero powers and people will be amazed. See around corners, know when the kids get home, visually check what song is playing or monitor and adjust temperature—from across the room or across the globe.

By adding a camera, with the handy HomeSet mobile app you can select and see most anything that is connected to your system from anywhere. Check on your infant in the nursery or kids in the yard. See a visual of music playing, and select a different song easily by way of its full album cover art. On vacation and thinking you perhaps left the thermostat cranked up too high? Worries melt away. Simply choose an icon on your smartphone or tablet and cool things down in seconds. And, by using an added HomeSet HS-R100 Remote Control, you can also do these things from anywhere in the house.

Today, most people are mobile and have their smartphone attached to their hip at all times. With the convenient HomeSet mobile app, now you always have your home in your hand.

HomeSet enables you to:

  • See who’s at the door from your comfy couch
  • View zone or ON/OFF status of connected security alarms from anywhere in the world
  • See information about the music playing on your Sonos® system or temperature on a Nest thermostat
  • Adjust lighting outdoors for a poolside party—from your kitchen
  • View a live video feed from surveillance cameras on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere
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